Plant Library


We hope these pictures and descriptions will help you better visualize your landscape plan. Please choose a catagory and view the plants as they pertain to the landscape plan we prepared for you. These landscape plants are all friendly with our rather difficult midwest climate swings.

2009012922325.jpg Shade Trees Shade trees are usually the largest of the deciduous (trees that loose their leaves in winter) trees. As the name implies they are usually located on a property to shade and cool structures or areas. Most of the patented varieties are selected for good fall color, overall shape other desirable features.
2009012923108.jpg Ornamental Trees Ornamental trees are usually smaller in stature than shade trees and have ornamental features such as flowers, showy fruit, or good fall color.
2009020292504.jpg Deciduous Shrubs Deciduous shrubs loose their leaves in winter. Most shrubs are smaller in stature than ornamental trees. Almost all used for ornamental horticulture have special interest such as flowers, fruit or fall color. Many are selected for unusual growth habits or foliage color.
2009013075151.jpg Perennials Perennials freeze to the ground each hard frost but they re-grow from the root system each year. Most perennials are showy flowering plants, ornamental grasses, many ground covers and colorful foliage plants are in this category.
2009020295818.jpg Evergreen Shrubs Evergreen shrubs are needle type evergreens. Many have very interesting growth habits and a variety of foliage colors. Evergreen shrubs are smaller in stature than evergreen trees.
2009012921539.jpg Evergreen Trees Evergreen trees are also called conifers. They bear seeds in cones. Most evergreen trees in Illinois are pyramidal in shape and retain their leaves or needles all year around.