Residential  Projects

Below are some of the residential projects we've completed.

Check out our portfolio and find ideas for your own project.

Western Drive
Decatur Il: Landscape requirements here are for an easy transition from one patio level to another. Contrasting materials add accent to the brick paver patio.
Mt. Zion Stately Entrance
Mt.Zion: Landscaping at this home presents a statley semi-formal entrance to a lovely home.
Decatur Residence
This site was highly eroding and unsightly. Retaining walls, ground covers and a woodland garden theme transformed this home to a neighborhood delight.
Fairway Estates
Decatur Il: Landscaping transormation of a boring concrete sidewalk to a walk through a garden, makes this homes' entrance a real wow factor!
Large Retaining Wall at Lake Decatur
Changing an eyesore into a wonderful, usable space
Private space
Great backyard retreat